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Test Rejuvenation

Test Rejuvenation

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Test Rejuvenation is a 3 in 1 Male Rejuvenation Complex. This unique blend of novel ingredients promotes the activation of specific hormonal pathways in the
body geared toward optimizing vitality, boosting strength and enhancing muscle growth, all while reducing unwanted estrogen; leaving you lean and

It contains the highest quality herbs available, each sourced for their specific chemical constituents. InnovaPharm spares no expense when it comes to producing products that give REAL results without unwanted side effects.


If using 2 servings/day you will get 72mg of E-xstane, which is the same nomenclature of a more popular name, arimistane. This compound is an estrogen blocker and can also help with a drying out effect.


Zinc Citrate is added to this product. Zinc is actually shown to help support optimal levels of testosterone. The form of B6 used is pyridoxine hydrochloride which is a coenzyme for synthesis of amino acids.


Stage 1 Rejuvenation has quite a few test boosting ingredients.

Fadogia Agrestis is a fresh ingredient that has little human clinical research but very good human-use reviews. It does have some rat reviews with proof of increasing testosterone.

DAA and Tribulus are probably ingredients you’ve heard of before if you’re looking at test boosting products. DAA is a natural amino that supports testosterone increases and tribulus is a natural extract that can help with increasing testosterone.

Another interesting ingredient used in this Stage 1 blend is Tongkat Ali. Studies show that it is an anti-estrogen and pro-erectile compound but there haven’t been studies to assess the potential for increased testosterone. So we don’t know if it does increase testosterone or if it doesn’t, but it looks optimistic and the other features are worth having it in there.

NMDA is a neurotransmitter that can play a role in testosterone function when paired with the other ingredients.