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Intra Fuel

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Intra Fuel is the new standard in intra-workout supplementation.

Intra Fuel combines premium ingredients including Cluster Dextrin®, Rednite®, as well as the tried and tested Betaine Anhydrous, D-Riboseand L-Taurine.

Cluster Dextrin® is the premium form of carbohydrates when it comes to supplementation.  Cluster Dextrin is low glycaemic, highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD). The structural properties of HBCD promote rapid gastric emptying, virtually eliminating any digestion issues often found with cheaper powdered carbohydrates.

The benefits of Cluster Dextrin® don't end there. In a 2013 human clinical trial of Cluster Dextrin®, 24 adult male athletes showed that during cycling exercise, the group administered 15 grams of Cluster Dextrin performed better than those who took the same amount of maltodextrin.

Rednite® is the first fresh beetroot concentrate powder to be standarized for 1.5%-2.75% natural nitrate. Rednite® contains 25x more nitrate than standard beetroot and 10x more antioxidants than standard beetroot.

Published research has shown that Rednite® suplementation from just 500mg per serving improves neuromuscular efficiency of force productin, enhanced resistance to fatigue and provided neuromuscular advantages during resistance exercise.


  • 30 Servings
  • Premium Ingredients
  • Two Refreshing Flavours
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Supports Intense Training Sessions