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Their first offering is Crea-Ting which could prove to be one of the best value Creatine products available in time.

Each serving contains 5g of Creatine Monohydrate - the most widely studied and supported form of Creatine. Creatine Monohydrate rapidly replenishes cellular energy (ATP) for increased strength, power & endurance. It also provides the brain with additional energy, therefore improving memory & intelligence in people with low levels of Creatine. Creatine can improve bone healing, improve glucose tolerance, may reduce age related muscle loss, may help fight neurological diseases, increase testosterone, and may have cardiovascular benefits.

50mg of AstraGin® - a patented blend of highly purified saponins isolated from the astragalus membranaceous and panacea notoginseng plant. Shown to dramatically increase the absorption and bioavailability of a variety of nutrients, such as peptides, amino acids, glucose, vitamins & minerals, phytonutrients and various sports nutrition supplements. AstraGin® enhances the immune system and increases the absorption of Creatine by 33%

50mg of ActiGin® - a proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients, backed by numerous human clinical studies that support its ability to promote muscle recovery. ActiGin® contains Panax notoginseng which boosts energy levels and Rosa roxburghii, or sweet chestnut rose, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. ActiGin® also helps to reduce inflammation that builds up in the muscle fibers when they’re worked at capacity. It has been shown to increase VO2 max by 20% as well as speeding up glycogen replenishment by anything upto 370%