Alpha M.E.T
Alpha M.E.T

Alpha M.E.T

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Experience alpha level muscle tissue gains with this blend of natural plant sterols without the negative sides related to PED use. Not only this but Alpha M.E.T could help to increase sperm concentration, quality and count, elevate mood and boost sexual drive.


Mucuna pruriens (Fabaceae) is an established herbal drug used for the management of male infertility, nervous disorders, and also as an aphrodisiac. It has been shown that its seeds are potentially of substantial medicinal importance.


Ecdysterone or '20-Hydroxyecdysone' and other ecdysteroids are marketed as ingredients in nutritional supplements for various sports, particularly bodybuilding. 


Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid which is found in plants. Ecdysteroids may induce growth, similar to testosterone, without the negative steroidal side effects. This is because ecdysteroids don’t bind to androgen receptors.